Please read this faq so you aren't surprised later on!

Q: How's FameGrower work?

FameGrower will login on your behalf to follow and unfollow about 200 people per day. And 15-25% of them will follow you back! Better content means a better followback rate.

Q: Why are you the best?

No service allows more follows per day. 200 is as good as it gets!
We also target real human owned accounts for your prospective followers, dismissing bot accounts along the way.

Q: Does it work for everyone?

Almost. If your Instagram account was created outside of the U.S., sometimes you will be restricted early on to only 50 follows per day. This problem, if it's going to happen, almost always happens during the free week trial though. Meaning if you go without problems for a week, you'll probably never be affected. You'll be refunded for the unused portion of your paid plan if it does happen during your paid plan.

Q: Could Instagram block or ban me?

Not going to lie, it is possible.
If this tragically happens, you will be refunded for the unused portion of your plan. No account using our service has suffered this fate yet.

Q: Should I avoid anything while FameGrower is running?

You should avoid following/unfollowing more than 2-3 people in the Instagram app per day. Your actions combine with ours and can push over the limits to cause the service to stop temporarily.

Q: Is FameGrower entirely hands-off?

You can choose your target audience and decide some extra settings, but otherwise it's hands free! You will maybe once a week need to change your Instagram password and also update it here, because Instagram enforces this kind of randomly amongst high counts of follows. Don't be spooked when you get an email from Instagram about suspicious activity, it thinks it's protecting you from account hackers.

Q: Will my plan expire if I don't use it?

Your plan is guaranteed to run as long as FameGrower is in business. You'll be refunded if we ever close up shop.

Q: How can I link a Facebook to my Instagram account? Do I need to do this?

Yeah, you pretty much have to. Without one, you're limited to 50 follows per day instead of 1,100.
Here are the steps to link a Facebook in both iOS and Android:
That's it! Once done, the Facebook icon will turn blue.

Q: Can I use multiple accounts with FameGrower?

Yes, but signing out of the Instagram app unlinks your Facebook.
That's a problem. In order to switch accounts on the Instagram app:
This trick should prevent Instagram from unlinking your Facebook account. Remember to link a different Facebook to the other account as well!

Q: Anything else?

Make sure your Instagram account isn't private, or else no one will follow you!
That's all! If you have more questions, send an email. [email protected]

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